A love of making things and a fascination with blow torches led to three happy years spent bashing silver for a Metalwork and Jewellery degree. Post university wanderings took Camilla into the amazing world of fine jewellery, diamonds and antiques. After moving to the Warwickshire countryside, she found a home for her expanding workshop and jewellery collection in a little Victorian shop in the wonderful town of Alcester. The shop is now also home to a growing collection of 'lovely things to display jewellery on' and lovely staff Andrea and Amanda.

Our window is full of beautiful sparkling fine jewellery, along with a selection of the handmade treasures within. We are passionate about sourcing a wide range of silver jewellery from the best of the UK's independent jewellery designers, and we are always searching for new collections. The back of the shop is home to Camilla's workbench, where she can often be seen working on commissions and jewellery repairs. You may also hear the sounds of our busy workshop located on the first floor, where jewellers Pete and Amanda work alongside Camilla. We aim to provide a unique and personal experience, where our skilled jewellers are readily available to discuss your designs and repairs with you personally, and complete the work under one roof.